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    Frame-Rate Bug on Windows 10 w/ Duplicate/Clone Mode


      I'm using the final RTM build of Windows 10 (10240) and the latest available Intel Graphics 4000 drivers with my Intel NUC (first installed version 3389, then used version - same problem w/ both).


      I have two displays (Display 1 = 1080p TV; Display 2 = 1080p monitor).  In both instances I've made sure in the intel graphics settings (and w/in windows settings) the displays are correctly set to 1080p / 60FPS.


      When I set the display configuration to Duplicate/Clone mode, Display 1 (TV) will always yield horizontal tearing toward the top of the screen when watching videos or any other content (youtube, games, etc.); Display 2 seems fine.  This indicates that the FPS output to Display 1 is not truly being set to 60FPS despite it being set as such in the settings.  When I change the configuration to only Display 1 (not duplicate/clone mode), the tearing is gone.  To confirm the issue is w/ the FPS and not some video rendered, I tested every renderer and 3 different video players (VLC, Windows Media Player, MPC-HC)... the problem exists for each player in every renderer.  Furthermore, the tearing is more evident when I intentionally set the FPS to a lower than 60 value, as would be expected.


      It appears there is a bug in the drivers for Windows 10 wherein duplicate/clone mode is not correctly sending 60fps to both displays (but only one).  This issue was not present under the same system / drivers for Windows 7 previous to my upgrade.  I have tried uninstalling-reinstalling the drivers to no avail.