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    NUC5CPYH - Win7 x64 - Fail to detect USB keyboard/mouse problem


      Hi All - So my shiny NUC5CPYH showed up, but it does not detect USB keyboard/mouse when installing Win7. System has 8GB memory, 120GB SSD.  Memory/Disk show up fine in BIOS...


      I've updated the NUC BIOS to PY0031 (PWBSWCEL.86A.0031.2015.0601.1712), thinking that that might solve the problem but still no USB keyboard/mouse detected.

      Have tried with/without 'legacy USB" checked in BIOS. The mouse/keyboard are active and functional when inside the BIOS, and when press F10 for boot menu.


      Just when Win7 boots the mouse/keyboard do not function. No keyboard light, no mouse light.  Win7 boots to the 'select language' screen, but them I'm stuck...


      I've used the Win7 USB to install on other computers, know the USB image is good. Am about to try booting Linux, but the final OS has to be Win7. 


      Any suggestions anyone?

      Thanks in advance...

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