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    Updating my Intel display driver destroyed my computer


      I'm currently running a Windows 8.1 Sony Vaio with a dedicated Intel Graphics GPU (HD 4000) and an integrated AMD GPU. I updated the Intel driver (to the driver and restarted my computer, and it began boot looping. Eventually it stopped and gave me the error message DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I did a system restore to a couple of weeks ago and it booted Windows normally...for at least a little while.


      After a few minutes, it was just so unbearably slow and froze and it couldn't do anything. After restarting a number of times, I can access files and open programs for about 2 minutes before it starts slowing down, and then it gets slower and slower until it freezes and I need to restart again.


      I tried to update the driver again, but this time without the Intel driver tool program thing and just with the Device Manager Properties one, and it said I was up to date (which is a lie, It said the driver number was like 10.something)


      Any ideas on making my computer perform regularly? I would use the Intel update tool but I'm afraid it'll make my computer boot loop again and I'd like to avoid another system restore. It is something to do with the AMD graphics? send halp