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    Help updating Intel RST to


      I'm able to install but when I tried updating to newer versions, including it failed. It says, "Platform not supported".


      Please help.



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          What mainboard chipset do you have? Intel often concentrate their efforts on newer chipsets with newer RSTs, so it won't install anymore on the older chipsets. One exemption is when you put your controller in RAID mode, then it will most likely install. But that is only a workaround...


          I guess you have to stay on the older RST if you have an older chipset. The fixes in newer RSTs are mostly for newer chipsets anyway, as i understand it.

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            I have the same problem. I have a z77 based mainboard set to AHCI mode.


            Currently i'm running RST 13.1.xxxx and I am not able to install the 13.2.xxxx, platform not supported. Possible ?


            In past I remember there was just only one RST setup compatible with all of ICH controllers.

            Now I can't understand how to indentify the correct RST setup for the platform I am going to configure without trying n setups, is there a method to understand this ?



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              Cesar Badilla

              Hello Partogi,


              I suggest confirming with the motherboard manufacturer which is the latest driver release for your motherboard?


              Additionally, you may download the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID driver version Intel® Download Center




              Caesar B.

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                Cesar Badilla



                The best way to find out is confirming with the manufacturer of the motherboard to find out which are the latest drivers released by them. This will allow you to identify which is the latest driver supported by your platform and then proceed downloading it.



                Caesar B,