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    New!  Smart Battery Block for Edison


      My team and I just created a smart battery block for the Edison. 


      This block has the following features:


      • Voltage, Current, and State-of-charge information from the single cell battery
      • Safe shutdown button that you can press momentarily for both start up and shutdown.
      • After shutdown, the entire stack completely powers off.  NO power draw when off.  Shutdown Edison and power off stack with one button press.
      • Easy to swap out single-cell batteries with JST connectors.   Choose different batteries for different run times and different projects.
      • Configuration of block allows more blocks to be added to the stack.  Other battery boards on the market block the addition of more blocks so you can't use the battery block *and* the OLED block (as an example).


      This is the board and its features:

      Functional Description RS.jpg


      We built this for a project that needed it and are now looking to see whether the community at large would like to see something like this hit the market.  We would love to hear some feedback and see what the interest level is.


      Any thoughts?


      Steven Kibler