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    Edison is not booting (probably fried)


      Hello all,


      I don't know what happened, I was trying to run a display (Adafruit Nokia 5110 + Level Shifters) on my Edison and my console printed "Temperature above threshold," when I checked the Edison it was really hot! I waited it cool down and tested again, it started booting, but also started to heat very fast. So, I turned it off, waited a little bit more and now it's not even booting. I tested on the Arduino Breakout and on the Mini Breakout the same problem happens on both. The only message on the console every time that I power it is "?".


      I'm using the 3v3 and 1v8 from the Edison to power the display and level shifters and to power the board I'm using a Li-Ion Poly 3.7v 2500mAh.

      Yesterday I was using the same circuit, but I was powering the display and level shifters (3v3) from an external power supply.


      I probably fried my Edison, but I want to know I did. Can someone think in what happened?


      Btw I'm using the Ublinux.




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          Hi martinianodl ,


          Probably was an issue with how you were powering the board, are you sure there wasn't a short-circuit in your configuration?

          Did you have the both, battery and power supply connected to the board? If you do it could be a problem with the battery.

          I suggest you to contact the place where you bough the board and ask if they can offer you a replacement for your case.