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    Edison /dev/root partition insufficent. Install mariadb in sd card




      Currently I am trying to deploy a project with Edison based on a webserver. My idea is to create a webserver with node.js and mariadb as database. The thing is that on a new firmware flash, the available space on root is very small:

      tamaño disco.png

      As you can see, there's only 48.4MB left.


      So I was thinking of two solutions:

      •      Or buying an SD card (I have the arduino expansion board) and trying to install mariaDB over there (possibly with issues related to I/O slow writting)
      •      Or trying to install it in the partition /dev/mmcblk0p7, which appears to have 2.2GB available.


      Does any one know if  that partition is available for user manipulation? If so, how could I tell opkg to install mariadb in that partition?


      If it's not available, is it possible to install mariadb in the sd card slot and make it efficient? Or will it run too slow?


      Thanks in advance.