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    Edison Board is not getting powered up


      Hi, I have a problem with Intel Edison board. My edison is not getting powered up when connecting both USB. Nothing is showing in the console and when I type on console window the TX LED on the sparkfun base block(red led) is blinking(And RX LED is not responding(orange led)). Does it mean My device is damaged or It's just fixable kernel crash.. I am using ubuntu 12.10

      SparkFun Block for Intel® Edison - Base - DEV-13045 - SparkFun Electronics

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          Hi DanJose,


          By checking the schematics of the SparkFun block, I realized that the LEDs red and yellow (orange) reflect the USB communication not the serial data send/received by Edison. So, with the red LED you are seeing that there is data sent from your PC (red LED) but there is not data received by your PC from Edison (yellow LED).


          I haven't work with a SparkFun block so I'm not sure if the issue is because of the block or the Edison module itself. Anyhow, if you can't power up you Edison I suggest you to contact the place of purchase, which I assume is Sparkfun, and explain the issue to them.




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            Hi ,


            Thanks for the reply.

            And its look like I got the answer Thank you.