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    download diagnostic tools

      hi, i would like to know where, and how to download diagnostic tools for intel products, if they exist at all.


      background: i use a 'dell' laptop that though is not so new, it has been reliable and a good companion so far, till some months ago. this device has a 2.8Gh pentium 4 ht with intel chipset, i dont know/remember bus speed or that stuff (and i can not look at the moment, i am writing from a different computer) running windows xp. some time ago, after a series of crashes, some of them serious, the performance went to heck, and i think even the alocation table was affected at the time, so not long ago i reformatted and reinstalled most of the programs. in this install, leave the device connected so it downloads the updates, turn on turn off, at first the performance was fine like it was supposed to, but in one of those first restarts i got a message it could not run operation in some hex number or some memory address, and it bugged me since those messages were kind of common when the crashes started. right now i have not had this error again, but for example, today it froze after installing 'free avg 9.0', and it keeps freezing when using 'itunes' for ripping from cd or like today, just listening. since crashes are becomming very usual in this device, i would like to know if there is a hardware problem, wich allows the computer to start ok, but crashes/freezes when it reaches for example an instruction set that only uses in some cases, so it starts ok or whatever and works fine till it tries to use the defective part (a hypotesis). since there is not and it can hardly be ever a generic diagnose tool (for every hardware setup/ every model etc), what seems logic is that if there is a diagnostic tool for a specific chipset or processor, is the manofacturer the one that must release it, so i know if there is something wrong with either the processor or the chipset before downloading any driver updates or whatever, that should not do any good if the hardware is busted anyway (and if i have to change something at least get to know what to change).


      so, is there any diagnose tool i can download for a specific chipset/processor?