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    what The difference between serial PuTTY connection and USB client serial connection




      1-  USB-client micro-B to USB-PC allow Arduino Serial monitor connection

      COMx with sketch-program download and communication, with specific

      driver installed

      normal Arduino version will not be able to communicate


      2-  PuTTY serial monitor program not used for that purpose,

      obvious, has no compilation or down-loader capability.


      why PuTTY under COMx will not connect and elicit the Linux Image to communicate?

      obviously that the way the Image structured.

      the question why that structure

      why PuTTY could not access the Virtual comx port existing, if the USB drivers exists


      if both Image and PC has the drivers (for Arduino) why PuTTY does not access that technically, to allow

      shell command communication as it does using serial RS232 connection?  we can see there different

      drivers involved, but serial emulation the same (?) on both side Galileo/PC

      thus, one set works and other set will not, that the question?

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          a good question. FIrst you must understand diferences between shell, console and terminal. You are connected to Galileo or Edison remotely, this is why you need to use terminal (putty) to run commands on Galileo or Edison. Serial port with UART is standard technologies to use. This because of historical reasons and this communication is very simple to implement.

          Why do we need special cable for this communication? Because motherboard manufacturers decided not to implement serial ports anymore and now we need to use cables that can be connected to USB ports. Most users do not use them, but we are not one of those. If you would have computer with serial port you would only need 3 wires between your computer and board to communicate (GND, RX and TX).


          Regarding USB-client micro-B to USB-PC as you described it is used for Arduino environment. This way of communication is not something I have seen before for embedded platform. Intel probably implemented this interface for users who want to use Arduino environment.

          Most embedded systems have an option for serial communication using terminal, while Arduino interface is not standard. Also the difference is that Arduino interface allows you to transfer files (sketch) to galileo, while serial interface only allows you to use bash commands.


          I hope this helps.