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    Intel NUC boot issue


      I just got an Intel NUC5i3RYH. I installed a 16gb M.2 sata SSD and a 120gb Intel 2.5" ssd. I'm a Chrome/Chromium OS fan so I'd like to dual boot this machine with Chromium OS (from the 16gb M2 sata) and Ubuntu or Windows from the 2.5" ssd, with the 16gb/Chromium SSD as the default primary boot drive. I went into the Visual Bios and unchecked UEFI boot and checked legacy boot. It shows my 3 drives in this order: a USB DVD drive, the M.2 sata 16gb, and the Intel 2.5" ssd. Since the M.2 is above the 2.5" on the list, I assume the M.2 should boot first, but it doesn't, it goes directly to the 2.5". However, if I hit F10 to manually select the M.2, it boots from that drive just fine. Any ideas?