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    XP Pro to Seven, no more SpeedStep / EIST :/


      Hi From France ^^

      I upgraded my notebook (Asus M6N - chips are 82855PM / 82801DBM) to a Pentium M 755 (Dothan 2GHz FSB 400).

      Under XP, all is perfect, EIST / speedstep if working and make my notebook very comfortable ^^

      On win7's day, i've got my copy, and installed it (thx to Intel for provided the right driver for ProSet Wireless 2200BG ^^ ).


      Under Seven, my SpeedStep not work properly, i'm not get a dynamic frequency scale:
      -if i select a 'light mode", after reboot or on awake from hibernate, the processor runs at 600MHz, and no up to 2GHz on cpu's load.
      -if i select a "full performance mode", my processor runs at 2GHz and never go down on idle.


      i 'patch' the problem by using CrystalCpuId, but it's not so reactive as under XP, and it's not a so clean solution as a nice integrated driver (as under XP).
      Is it a dismissed in Intel Drivers for Seven ?
      Is it a dismissed in Seven advanced power management ?