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    Graphical Artifacts on LG TV


      Hello community!


      I have a major issue with the stick. I have recieved it a few days ago and I've been trying to battle this issue with my own means, but it has come down to asking around on forums because I haven't found much support for it. The issue I'm having is that on one of my TVs, LG 55LD520 in particular (LG 55LD520: 55 inch Full High Definition 1080p 120Hz LCD TV | LG USA), is experiencing major artifacts when the device boots Windows up. I managed to get it to display Windows properly only a handful of times, but then I would restart the device and the same hell starts all over. I've included a picture of the artifacts that appear on the screen after the initial "Intel Compute Stick Please Wait" screen. It's a bit low quality, I know, but that's all there's to it anyway. I'm out of options here. I've tried different HDMI ports and tried using the USB from the TV for power as well as the socket. I've refreshed the device a few times, I've tried doing all the updates and played around with resolution a little bit as well. Nothing works. It seems to work fine on my other TV so I'm not sure if it's a compatibility issue or what. But since it works sometimes, I figured it can't be the TV (or maybe?). I'm loving the stick besides the point, it does what I need it to do, but it only does it when the darn thing actually turns on. Maybe it's the Intel HD Graphics, if it is maybe some of you have heard of such things happening to those graphic processors. Any help will help. Let me know what you guys think. I'll be checking on here for any solutions you guys might post, but if no fix comes along, I'll be probably returning this nice little gadget and going for something that works





      Sometimes the stick boots to Windows, experiences artifacts, and then reboots by itself. I thought it could be overheating perhaps but I don't think so since I ran it for a long time once I got it running and it worked fine for hours. Until the restart at least.