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    PuTTY Terminal no response with Galileo Gen 2 Board


      We are connecting to the Galileo board using PuTTY. It appears to connect, but when I try to type anything in the command-line, there's no response.

      The documentation for starting up the session says to hit enter twice to get to the login. When I hit enter, nothing happens.

      When I hit reset on the Board itself, I get a short string of numbers and characters on the command-line so there must be the communication between the board and my terminal.

      We are using a USB to micro-USB cable to connect the board to my Windows 8.1 computer.

      It's connecting on COM3 at speed 115200.

      Why am I unable to type anything in the PuTTY command window?  Is there a better terminal to use for this than PuTTY?