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    New graphics driver .4243


      So far, no issues with corruption seen on the display when resuming from S3 using .4243 instead of old .4080 on a Dell Ultrasharp 1080p

      Not a gamer..just touching up photos with Adobe Lightroom, Utube, blah blah..

      Anyone else ?  (might be a little early)

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          I might have found a workaround for myself recently, I had not seen corruption after I changed Windows "Allow hybrid sleep" from default On to Off.  This evening I flipped that setting back and installed .4243.


          Bad news: already twice with this driver I have seen entire 1920x1200 screen flicker, which is resolved by unplugging/re-plugging the HDMI cable.  So it seems bad like the 4156 & 4170 drivers.  I prefer the 4206 or 4222 drivers which had far less frequent flickering (just in the bottom 10% or so of my screen).  64-bit Windows 8.1, NUC5i5, secondary monitor connected to mini-DP but never powered on.


          I also tried what I thought might be previous workaround (set "Allow hybrid sleep" back to Off) with driver 4243 and that ended up with flickering too (various places around the screen - not all over and not just bottom).  Now I am downloading 4222 driver zip to figure out how to force re-install that (since it was working way better for me).