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    Need help with Alienware wont play games


      I bought an Alienware 17 r 3 on ebay. The computer works good except it cant play 3D GAMES OR MANY PROGRAMS SUCH AS MOVIE MAKER.


      It keeps saying something about hardware acceleration or that thee hardware will not take it. Or I do not have the sufficient graphics for it.


      It turns out that it may have something to do with the graphics card. When I had the laptop, it was listed in device manager as VGAsave. Turns out it was an Intel HD Graphics 3000 and I updated it. Still doesn't work.


      Then I went to control panel, display settings and advanced display settings and it shows the adapter type is blank. nothing is shown or named as if it doesn't exist. I cant even plug in my second computer screen to it.


      I even went to dxdiag and it says Direct3d not enabled and it doesn't even say the name of the adapter type.


      I seached online and people may say that it has something to do with graphics. I do not have discrete graphics. Only integrated graphics. Cuz I went to my bios and it shows discrete graphics greyed out or something. I have Intel HD Graphics Family 3000 (Sandy Bridge). I can't have it.


      I contacted the people that sold me the ebay and they said ALL SALES ARE FINAL! I contacted intel, HP and Alienware Corp and they keep redirecting me to calls until I keep getting representatives that tell me to send the laptop in. I do not want to sell the laptop on ebay because I do not have any money, and that goes for sending them the laptop. They'll probably just give me a new one and erase everything I care about. and Im pretty sure the warranty ran out so I will have to pay for it. I can't afford it.


      This laptop cost a lot of money and I don't wanna think I got this for nothing.


      Here is the pic of what it said: www.sendspace.com/file/bkrt5c


      Help me anyone.