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    Using a Logic Level Converter with the Edison and the APA102c LED Strip


      I have an Edison breakout board up and running with a simple Node app that uses SPI to send data to an APA102C LED strip.

      Because the board outputs both CLK and MOSI at 1.8v i need a Logic Level Converter..

      So i got one of these https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/bi-directional-logic-level-converter-hookup-guide

      Im hooking it up like so:


      I hooked up my Oscilloscope, and can confirm that SPI CLK and MOSI pins are transmitting at 1.8v. I can also confirm that im getting a 5v signal at the HV end of the logic level converter...But my LED strip is dead and nothing happens.

      Some notes to preempt responses:

      • Yes the led strip works i have tested with with my Galileo Gen 2
      • Yes i know how to drive the LED strip properly, i have been using this type of strip for several projects, im attempting to replace the Galileos with Edison boards