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    Dual Monitors: Reverse Left-Right Configuration


      With a dual monitor setup (Control Panel > Display > Change Display Settings) monitor #1 is on left and #2 on right, so that to drag an item from #1 to #2 the drag is left to right.

      But I want monitor #2 to be physically located on the left of #1, and therefore when I drag from #1 to #2 I want to drag from right to left.


      Is there a way to instruct the NUC to reverse the usual monitor locations? Or is this an issue for Windows?


      Reversing monitor numbers in Control Panel > Display > Change Display Settings doesn't change anything, which is why I'm guessing that it's the NUC, not Windows, which defines an HDMI monitor as #1 and a VGA monitor as #2.


      Monitor #1 is NUC HDMI out to monitor HDMI in.

      Monitor #2 is NUC Display Port out to monitor VGA in.


      Intel NUC D54250WYKH

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit