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    Updating Intel I5-4440 causes on board graphics to be ignored


      A few months ago I attempted to update my driver for my I5-4440 instead of using the one that came with my Dell Insiron i3847. To do this, I used the Intel Driver Update Utility 2.0. However, this caused undesired results of overall performance drop. In the end I used a system restore to solve this by just rolling back to an older version of the driver. Later I tried again, and encountered the same problem. To which I gave up.


      Recently, I was gifted a dedicated graphics card, I installed it, then realized I didn't have a DVIp cord. So I removed it with no problem. Then later, I reinstalled it because I have an HDMI tv and played with that. And then I removed it again, this time it caused my Intel driver to corrupt. Which is labeled Intel(r) HD Graphics 4600. After reinstalling the driver, This time I installed it using windows driver manager and then tried using the Intel Driver Utility. Both of which resulted in the device manager claiming the device was working, but I could not use the actual device for graphics processing. Launching any game would yield, at best, 12 fps. Once again, rolling the system backed fixed this. Doing this brought the frames back up to 60 fps.


      Is there something I am not doing correct when I attempt to update the driver? I'm not negatively impacted by not updating - I suppose, though I do have some graphical bugs here and there nothing major. Mostly just reflective based ones.


      If any more information is need, I am more than happy to provide!