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    Code 19 Add Hardware Error


      Having installed a WD My Cloud wireless network HD, my network adapter drivers in Device Manager are corrupted and my Add Hardware Wizard generates Code 19.  This is a Windows XP; but my Windows 7 64-Bit shows no problem with HD recognition.  On this XP, your Driver Update utility upon download did not run.  In Device Manager I could update, roll back or uninstall the corrupted drivers which all show yellow "!"  What do you propose?

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          hello troothteller,


          What network adapter do you have?

          Is this wireless adapter the original one that comes with your computer or you are replacing it for a new one?

          Can you provide the information on your computer? Is it a laptop or a desktop? ( brand, model..etc )

          As for code 19, you may find your answer here: Code 19: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete…


          Important Additional Information:

          If you have replaced your wireless card for another one, we would like to inform you that Intel does support integrations. You are welcome to check this piece of information for further information on this matter here: Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Regulatory Information Regarding Hardware Installation or Upgrade

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            Thank you for your response.  This system is XP-Pro on a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4002 laptop which stays put.  The Intel drivers came with the computer but updates installed as they became available.  For connecting it has the PRO Set/Wireless SEStub, for which it has its own software, which I use instead of Windows to connect to the Internet.  All six of the corrupted entries in Device Manager, which incurred Code 19 in Control Panel, Add Hardware, have the designation Fortinet.  They do not roll back, uninstall or update.  On uninstall a box comes up stating that they are essential to boot Windows.  So, your article on Code 19 will not work here.  On my system I have an extracted folder for Intel Pro Wireless which I notice has uninstall programs; but I am afraid to use them for fear of loosing my ability to connect to the Internet.  However, I have to restore these entries in Device Manager so they don't show the yellow "!"  Thanks again.

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              Since the wireless adapter came installed in this computer when you bought it. Your best option would be to contact Toshiba* and see if they have any updates that can resolve this issue as the wireless adapter has been modified to be compatible with their system and that is the reason they are the ones that can provide you the right drivers.


              If you have installed your current drivers from our support page, please know that they may not be compatible with your system due to all the customizations Toshiba does.

              By the way, you never informed the name of the wireless card you have in this computer. To help you with this issue, here is the support page for your computer: Satellite A105-S4002 Support and then select the tab that says: Drivers & Updates and search for the drivers for your wireless adapter.  Toshiba* Support Forums have tons of code- 19- related issue as you can see here: Search - TOSHIBA FORUMS

              You may need to have your computer connected via Ethernet cable in case you need to uninstall the current drivers and then install from Toshiba* Support Page informed above. Perform a clean uninstall and until Windows no longer detects it and proceed to installing again from your their support page.  At this point, we recommend that you contact your nearest Intel Contact Center for live troubleshooting. Here is the link: Contact Support

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                Maybe Toshiba may have the original drivers; but I don't think the answer lies there.  In the meantime Western Digital just telephoned.  Their product did not cause any of this.  Just prior I downloaded a PRO Set Wireless file from your site and it did not install.  However, in order to setup this HD, I moved the unit to different parts of my apartment and used a Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall 8.  With everything fine previously under Device Manager, I think that product may be the cause.  I just emailed their customer support.  I do not think my system came with these files.  No similar problem exists on my Windows 7.  Toshiba was not of much support even when the XP computer was new.

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                  aleki_intel, I had to arrive at the solution myself because no one supports XP.  I ran System File Checker and had to rigorously uninstall programs that I thought were long gone.  Forticlient by Fortinet is one.  Panda was another.  They required separate uninstallers.  Then I reinstalled the drivers as they were.  The only problem I have is a Microsoft driver, RAS Async Adapter.  In a faint area of Device Manager it shows Code 45 while with the yellow "!" it shows Code 31.

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                    We recommend that you check this with Microsoft as they seem to have forums where code 31 error is mentioned: Network Adapters Code 31


                    Code 31: This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device

                    This is as far we can go since you never mentioned what wireless card you have.

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                      As far as those drivers go, I have Pro 100 VE and 3945, from my memory with the XP, which is now scanning for malware.  I am on my Windows 7 now.  Anyway I don't like dealing with Microsoft because they left my threads hanging in their Answers forum.  Earlier today someone telephoned me from there after I hotfix that they sent by email did not work.  So, I am not dealing with any party who is not actively supporting the products I have.  That problem I described with the RAS driver is so common that users learn to live with it.

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                        When a wireless card is an OEM's, they are the ones to provide full support as they have customized the card to be compatible with their system. Those error codes 31 and 45 are generated by the O.S. Consult with Toshiba* for further assistance.

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                          Don't tell me what to do just because I gave both your personnel and your site a failing grade on the last survey on Intel that I took.  I have been to the manufacturer's website enough times and there is no one with whom to communicate.  The problem is not the wireless card, but the RAS Async Adapter.

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                            Unfortunately RAS Async Adapter is not an Intel(R) Product. We recommend that you contact Microsoft* for further instruction.

                            The OEM would be the best option if you ever come to experience issues with the wireless card since it came installed by factory.

                            Let us know if you still need our assistance.

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                              Will you please cut this out?!!!!!!  For somebody doing something gainful you act like you know less than I.  Quit bothering me with all your empty answers.  You are making me wish it were possible to buy a computer and avoid Intel.  In accordance with the email I just received this morning, Tuesday, July 28, 2015, I ask the moderator to delete my account, including all my login information.  The responses are an unnecessary waste of time as well as a nuisance.