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    DH61BE BIOS fail ( docs )


      Following the guidelines to update firmware to support 3rd gen CPU's , my board was on BIOS 0020.

      Then it was suggested to update to 0048 first, which I was able to do - however, I was supposed to double check that the IME was updated to V 8. This is the problem, it did not update to V8 from V7 and retrying and recovery the IME jusy stayed at V7.... so ... I probably wrongly guessed that the documentation was wrong and that if I proceeded to the next suggested BIOS 0099 it would update to V8 itself.!! Wrong... I used the exe to update to 0099, seemed to go ok until it restated and sticks at the BIOS graphics screen forever. If I go into the BIOS settings or F7 / F10 I can use these features but if I wait 4 seconds it is inactive and stuck.

      So, when I do enter BIOS I see that it is BIOS 0099 BUT the version of IME is --- obviously not intended.

      Anyhow, I try to recover BIOS and it's not rolling back through F7 or USB while removing BIOS jumper on motherboard, I am stuck on 0099 without a IME version installed. If I try to update further to BIOS 0120 it fails with some error code that I can't see long enough to write down.

      So, what do I do!!

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          Hello shueardm,


          I think this process may have bricked the chipset. It is correct the process you did in a way and I say this because jumping from the BIOS version 20 to 48 there are about 10 versions in the middle meaning a lot of changes and fixes.


          It is recommendable to go one by one installing the updates to avoid bricking the board and this could cause the problem you have now.


          My recommendation is to try doing a BIOS recovery. Here are the steps:



          If you have a 3rd gen processor, try to use it and see if it will post. If not and if issue persists, I think you should contact our support center:


          Kevin M

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            Hi Keven

            I have been trying to do a recovery both with F7 and removing the jumper with BIO on CD or USB. Neither is working.

            When using the F7 , and selecting a BIO file that is higher than 0099 , the process starts but fails at the final step.

            When using F7 and selecting the same or previous BIO file, a cursor appears next to the confirmation box and the whole process freezes.

            When using recovery method with CD boot, there is no VGA output at all and the CD ROM drive is shown to be accessing the drive every 5 seconds in an infinate loop, I stopped after an hour. A similar thing happens with USB.

            I have been in contact with support but they say the SKU is EOL and no support is offered.

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              I regret to say that this motherboard is EOIS (End of Interactive Support) but if you purchased the motherboard less than 3 years ago and you still have the Proof Of Purchase, we can validate the warranty.

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                It is out of warranty and I have tried everything. The board is going to the bin