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    Help with Win 7 64-bit update - No drivers for Ethernet, PCI, USB


      I just tried to update my Desktop from 32-bit to 64-bit and add a new hard drive, since I was running out of room.


      After installing Win 7 - 64 bit,  the computer is telling me it cannot find the drivers for the:


      Ethernet controller

      PCI Simple Communications Controller

      USB Controller


      Since it cannot communicate with the Internet, I cannot directly run the Driver Update utility.


      Here is my setup:


      Intel Core i5-2500  CPU at 3.30 GHz

      Motherboard = Intel DZ68DB

      16 GB RAM


      I kept my old hard drive intact, and ran the Driver Update on the "old" C drive, rebooted several times, and it didn't help. I even tried to manually find the drivers from the "new C" drive and look at the old C (renamed K) to no avail.


      Please help.  Keep in mind that I'm really punching above my weight class trying to diagnose hardware / driver issues.


      Thanks to anyone with any ideas.