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    How do you get DC P3600 drives to boot in a R2208WTTYC1 system when installing Windows 2012 R2?


      I purchased a R2208WTTYC1, A2U44X25NVMEDK NVMe kit, 2 – E5-2697 CPUs, 256 GB ram and 3 –  DC P3600 SSDPE2ME020T401 NVMe drives. When installing Windows 2012 R2, it will see the drives but will not install because it says drives are not bootable in bois. Does anyone know a change in the bois that needs to be made to be able to boot from these drives? Or do I need another component such as a RS3 raid module to get these drives to be bootable? I have a ticket number with Intel Tech support but it has been a week with no help from them.