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    intel hd graphics issue


      I have installed window 7 64 bit and tried installing intel hd driver from various links but it keeps on giving me the error " this computer doesn't meet

      the minimum requirements" however i am pretty sure that my system does fullfill the requirments



      lenovo g570

      Intel Core i5 - 2410M CPU@2.30GHz 2.30GHz

      4.00 GB Ram

      64 Bit System type

      1 GB Graphic Card Radeon Hd 6300M


      Please help

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          You wrote "Graphic Card Radeon Hd 6300M" - it is 3rd party graphics chip -not Intel procesor integrated graphics, so this is reason for Intel HD graphics driver installer to reject to be installed.


          Your laptop may have dual switchable graphics 3rd party graphics chip & Intel procesor integrated HD graphics -but only one of them active at the time, switching on the fly.

          In such case you need OEM (Lenovo) provided switchable graphics driver -that contains drivers code for both graphics.


          Check your system specs and  Lenovo support web.

          Bare in mind that MS Windows OS can run only single instance of graphics driver at the time - so for switchable graphics OEM provided switchable graphics driver will be the only graphics driver runninng at the time and switching its code path on the fly accordingly to graphics chip beeing currenlty active.