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    DZ87KLT-75K Windows XP AHCI driver


      I installed Windows XP on DZ87KLT-75K. Unfortunately, Intel not made AHCI driver making it difficult to support multiple systems on one computer.


      XP system for me is necessary for remote management of technological processes. The new systems are not compatible.


      If anyone would know about AHCI driver for Windows XP DZ87KLT-75K please let us know.

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          The compatible operating systems with this motherboard are Microsoft® Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64bit).


          Supported Operating Systems

          Desktop Boards — Supported Operating Systems


          Drivers for Intel® Desktop Board DZ87KLT-75K

          Intel® Download Center


          Mike C.

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            I need Windows XP.

            I use sysków SSD, so I use AHCI.

            If Intel has modified the bios so that the Secondary SATA controller can turn SATAMode: IDE part from the main controller set to AHCI that would be a solution.

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              The Intel® Desktop Board DZ87KLT-75K belongs to the latest motherboard family series. The chipset SATA modes available are AHCI and RAID. Intel stopped producing motherboards on 2013. We are still supporting them, giving newer drivers for the current features on the board. IDE is an older technology, Hard disk drive manufactures already stopped producing them.


              Microsoft® Windows stopped supporting XP since April 8, 2014. Actually Microsoft® Windows is going to release Windows 10 next July 29, 2015 and every user with Wind. 7, 8 and 8.1 will have the option to upgrade the operating system for free.

              Mike C.

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                Many users still using Windows XP. They are used both hardware and systems are sufficient - a loss of money for a new one. The equipment is old enough that it is impossible to install the newer system. These are the people that need assistance on the already purchased a license. Aid worker on your computer (often new) needs to be running Windows XP. I have installed Windows XP, 7, 8.1 and 10. Even the US military has a problem: Windows XP Support: US Navy pays Microsoft millions for XP support | BGR


                I do not count on help from Intel. They finished the production of motherboards and reduced their number of employees, so do not help.


                Maybe another company building motherboard chipset Z87 create AHCI driver under Windows XP. If anyone would know about such a situation, would you please let us know.

                Windows XP running stably on the board DZ87KLT-75K, but the disc has to work on an IDE, as so far there is no support for AHCI service.
                There is a lack of drivers for:
                - Cable network cards (WiFi card is a driver)
                - USB 3.0 controller
                - Intel Smart Connect Technology



                Windows 10 is free, because it will steal from unsuspecting users from the remnants of privacy. Much time will pass before people themselves are made aware.