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                ok so i got windows 10 for my laptop and i have a problem,i have a hybrid computer with the i5 2450m intel hd 3000 and a gt540m so when i have the inte gpu on and with installed drivers i can't use my laptop screen,when i don't i can but i have a low resolution and i can't use my secondary screen,microsoft suggested that i unistall the drivers and then install the with safe mode but it didn't work,now what can i do?

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          Hello michalisgr,


          Please note that Windows 10 is still a BETA Operating System therefore we do not have official drivers for it. However, there is a BETA driver you can try. Here you have it:



          It is important to say that the switchable graphics (Hybrid Graphics) configuration your system is using requires special drivers from the OEM or Computer Manufacture. My best recommendation at this point is to contact your Computer Manufacture to get their special configuration.


          Kevin M