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    DN2820FYKH shuts down after 5 seconds


      Yesterday I upgraded the BIOS of my DN2820FYKH to v51. I got the 'succesfully installed' message and it booted. So I thought I was good to go.


      Today, the unit won't boot anymore. The LED turns on (lights up continuously), I can hear the fan spinning, and then after 5 seconds it just shuts down. I hear no beep codes from the connected speakers. The screen remains black.


      The unit worked fine before the BIOS upgrade. Only problem was, almost at every boot I got a warning message about Thermal Trip. I wanted to get rid of that. That's why I upgraded to v51, because it does not require a key press after each warning message. So I did enable that setting in BIOS yesterday, before things went south.


      I've been reading around on the forum and Google, but I could not find a fix for this particular situation. How should I proceed to fix this? Can you help?