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    work on two operating system


      I want to use iot image and standard intel galielo image so I want to boot from sd card "iot image " and its the normal then on arduino sketch reboot the system and boot without sd card


      can I make that ?

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          I’ve never tried to do something like this before but there are ways to make something similar to what you are looking for. Most of the alternatives are based on doing this with a Linux computer and not using any IDE. So you would have to adapt it to make it work on the Galileo however this seems to be a fairly complex process because there are no tutorials for this for Galileo.  If you look at “multiboot” you’ll find several websites that discuss different ways and procedures to get you started.


          Take a look at https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Multiboot_USB_drive they might give you some ideas on how to start.




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            Mmm... There is any way to convert eglibic to uclibc to avoid this complex process cause my emic 2 dont work well on eglibic :/ !

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              In the Galileo you can select which image to boot from in the grub menu. The information on the grub.conf will look something similar to this:

              default 0

              timeout 3


              title Linux on Intel Galileo

                root (hd0,0)

                kernel /vmlinuz.efi console=ttyS1,115200n8

                initrd /initrd


              To add different OSs you’d have to edit these files with the information of the other OSs you want to be able to boot from. If you have stored other OS in your SD card or USB you have to edit this file with the correct name, image name, port, baud rate and  file system you’d want it to boot.