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    what the difference between the 2 Linux Images?


      instruction given for Linux Image for Intel Galileo



      other instruction given for download



      what the difference?  since IoT version made of IoT SDK/Eclipse , what the other version used for?

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          Hi elwolv,


          There are several differences between both images, but in short Yocto builds can be based on uClibc (Linux Image) or eglibc (IoT version). Both are implementations of the libc library targeted for embedded products. uClibc is the default image, the one that comes in the Galileo’s 8MB SPI flash, while the eglibc is a bigger image (so it comes with more features) and that’s why an SD card is needed if you want to use it.

          If you want some more information you can check this thread, where AlexT provides a great explanation of both implementations https://communities.intel.com/message/241845.