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    4K playpack poor with NUC5i7RYH


      Dearest Group,


      I am having problems with playback of 4K video, especially from 'YouTube' with my i7 NUC.


      . High processor usage.

      . Fan running at high speed.

      . Playback stuttering.


      This is experienced in IE, Firefox and Chrome. I have read with interest on this forum that Google are using a computationally expensive codec with YouTube. However, it was stated that IE mitigates this problem - I still have problems with IE.


      With 4K video downloaded onto the local hard drive and VLC used as the media player, I have good video but the fan is still very noisy - especially with complex scenes. However, processor usage is much reduced. I assume the GPU is now working hard?


      Graphics driver

      BIOS 0249


      Has anyone else got experience with 4K video on the NUC i7? It could be asking too much of the device as a media player and I need to reign in my expectations?





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          Install latest Chipset driver and Intel® Management Engine driver from the latest bundle driver

          Intel® Download Center


          NUC already has latest BIOS version and graphics driver.

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            I have the same experience in Chrome, but in IE it works almost flawless.


            With my smartphone I recorded a 4K demo video at Youtube on the NUC5i7RYH that plays on my 4K Dell monitor. At some moments it starts to stutter. I have all the latest BIOS/drivers installed. I did not record the decent performance in IE.


            Intel NUC5i7RYH YouTube 4K performance - YouTube

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              LG Ultra HD Landscape demo at 2160p on Youtube:



              Chrome: 85-90% CPU usage and choppy, very bad

              Explorer 11: 2-4% CPU usage, perfect video


              i7 Ivy 3770k:

              Chrome: 45-50% CPU usage

              Explorer 11: 2-4% CPU usage


              It's a Chrome issue.

              Try h264ify extension for Chrome, may be do something better.

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                Hello All,


                Thank you for all your help in trying to investigate this issue. Some more further information to digest....


                After speaking to support I had a new NUC sent to me - unfortunately the situation remains the same!


                . Windows 7 x64 re-installed on flash SSD.

                . All the latest and greatest drivers including flash update.


                Incidentally, despite having a 4K A/V amp & TV, Windows moans about not having an optimum monitor - resolution is set as 3840 x 2160 of course.


                Every web browser I try using You Tube 4K clips struggles like crazy as soon as I full screen. My IE is nearly at 100%. Playing back 4K local content, the fan still runs like crazy!


                Am I doing something wrong or is this thing no good as a 4K media PC?






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                  According to the technical product specification of this device, the maximum resolutions are the following.

                  1) 4096 x 2304 @ 24Hz using the mini HDMI.

                  2) 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz using the mini display port.


                  It is possible to get these resolutions using high quality cables (HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort 1.2)


                  For dual display and three monitors, please check page 22 of the TPS


                  Mike C

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                    Hello Mike,


                    I am using the mini HDMI @ 24hz (3840 x 2160). Tried Firefox - things are better but 4K YouTube playback still judders.


                    What else could I be doing wrong? Intel is advertising these things as a 4K media players.


                    VLC is OK playing back 4K content, but the fan still runs at maximum.


                    1080p playback has never been a problem - it wasn't for my old Atom based media player either!





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                      Please let me know if you are getting the same issue with 4K videos previously kept on your SSD.

                      Mike C

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                        Hi Mike,


                        Thanks for the reply.


                        4K video already on my SSD and newly downloaded video has issues.


                        This has always makes the machine (previous and new one) work very hard; the cooling fan runs at maximum continuously. If this is normal I will have to put the NUC in another room!


                        Thank you,



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                          Hello All,


                          I wonder if anyone had more thoughts?


                          Intel literature state it can be used as a 4k media player - I am struggling to achieve this in an effective manner.


                          Just to be clear - problems start when the video content is full screened.





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                            Hi, I can do some test to confirm your questions. I have Nuc5i7RYH, 8 gr ram and a ssd card. TV is a Panasonic FullHD (not 4k) and 1.4 HDMI cable.

                            I'm not sure but if I display a 4k video in my TV, is my TV who rescale from 4k to FullHD (1080p), right? have any perfomance impact in my Nuc?


                            From Youtube, over two month ago: (over Win 8.1)

                            Chorme: 4k videos are choppy, unplayable.

                            iExplore 11: same 4k videos are perfect, very low processor requeriments (no fan noise)

                            Still no test a downloaded video player on VLC or any mediaplayer.


                            If you wanna send me a link to display or download a video and I tell you the result.



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                              Hello Again,


                              Daniel073 - I am so sorry for not replying sooner - especially as you took the time to help.


                              Right, having now upgraded to Win 10 I can now report as follows:


                              . With 'Edge' I have no issues full screening 4K YouTube footage.

                              . Using the Win 10 default media player I have no issues.

                              . The NUC runs quietly and without fault in both cases.


                              BTW, for a file download - 'Tears Of Steel' - Tears of Steel | Mango Open Movie Project


                              Can anyone more knowledgeable than I suggest why VLC, Chrome and Firefox perform so badly?


                              Thank you in advance,