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    4K playpack poor with NUC5i7RYH


      Dearest Group,


      I am having problems with playback of 4K video, especially from 'YouTube' with my i7 NUC.


      . High processor usage.

      . Fan running at high speed.

      . Playback stuttering.


      This is experienced in IE, Firefox and Chrome. I have read with interest on this forum that Google are using a computationally expensive codec with YouTube. However, it was stated that IE mitigates this problem - I still have problems with IE.


      With 4K video downloaded onto the local hard drive and VLC used as the media player, I have good video but the fan is still very noisy - especially with complex scenes. However, processor usage is much reduced. I assume the GPU is now working hard?


      Graphics driver

      BIOS 0249


      Has anyone else got experience with 4K video on the NUC i7? It could be asking too much of the device as a media player and I need to reign in my expectations?