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    NUC D34010WYKB not recognizing mSATA SSD nor SATA SSD, in list of UEFI list of bootable devices.


      My Ubuntu 14.04LTS installation was working fine on both mSATA and SATA SSD. Yesterday I shorted pin 5 and pin 7 , of front headers' RESET pins , as directed by the technical documentation of INTEL NUC D34010WYKB, to reset the NUC. It did reset but then on it does not recognize the SSD installed.


      On opening BIOS, there isn't a single boot-able device listed, whereas Legacy shows the list of boot-able devices.

      I unchecked the UEFI boot option and ticked on Legacy Boot with the correct boot order.


      Still it does not boot as expected. I also tried to boot from live boot-able USB drive, UEFI still does not recognize it whereas Legacy recognizes but does nothing about it.

      I have increased minimum fan use percentage to 60% .


      The mSATA SSD gets warm very soon, but I didn't check its temperature before this problem.


      Please help. Would appreciate a quick solution, as a working NUC is of urgent requirement. Any tricks and hacks highly appreciated !