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    Free Webinar: IoT data ingestion in Spark Streaming using Kaa


      During the webinar we will build a solution that ingests real-time data from Intel Edison into Apache Spark for stream processing. This solution includes a client, middleware, and analytics components. All of these software components are 100% open-source, therefore, the solution described in this tutorial can be used as a prototype for even a commercial product.

      We will use Intel Edison to collect performance data from solar panels. Each solar panel will be associated with a certain geo location zone. One zone may contain thousands or even millions of panels. Applying big data analytics, we will calculate real-time performance of each zone: a total amount of generated energy per zone and an average amount of generated energy per panel per zone.


      The webinar takes place on July 23, 11:00 a.m. PDT and can be accessed via the following link: