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    i have a big serious problem i'm suffering any idea?


      well i have this problem for like a year and i'm really suffering from it so my problem is:

      my windows is connected and isn't connected in the same time what do i mean u may ask

      what i mean is there's some applications on my laptop doesn't connect to the internet like (windows store) or the news even (OneDrive) all of them keep telling me that i'm not connected to the internet but in fact i'm connected to the internet i can play games i can browser the web and many other things so any way i didn't know what is the problem i tried to search for my problem but nothing is working

      i said in myself its ok i can live with that but then after few months the problem went bigger my internet connection started to lag some webpages doesn't load correctly or completely some doesn't work at all

      i tried to figure what is happening and then i found that my wifi which is (Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230) isn't updated even though i have updated every thing he keep saying that my date version is (2013/6/25) number of version (15,10,0,12) and not only my wifi but my bluetooth too it tells me that the date version is (2006/6/21) number of version (6,3,9600,17826) i mean like for real? i tried to uninstall it but it comes back with the same version nothing happens like i didn't even update it.

      well i think that is my problem if you agree with me tell me the solution if not well then please tell me what is my problem and the solution .

      note: if u need any more information i would tell you if i can