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    DQ87PG - USB boot devices don't show up in F10 boot menue


      If've configured my BIOS to *not* boot USB devices first. Booting from USB is enabled as well as the F10 boot menue. There are two SSD in my PC and the the first SSD is the boot device (legacy boot).


      So far I could insert a bootable USB flash drive and when pressing F10 there was a list with my two SSDs and the flash drive which I could select and boot from.


      The only change I've made since is updating the BIOS from 148 to 149.


      When pressing F10 now, there are only my two SSD - no USB flash drive shows up.


      The only way to boot from an USB flash drive now is to enable to boot USB devices first which isn't desirable nor practical.


      It seems that BIOS 149 screwed something up, so please fix it!

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