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    Can't display 3840x2160 at any refresh from Surface Pro 3 i7 with Intel HD graphics 5000 chip - what am I missing?


      Using a Seiki 4k 39" monitor with HDMI cable and Mini-display port adapter.  This exact configuration, monitor, cable was able to drive 3840x2160 at 24hz with a co-worker's Surface pro 3.  However I cannot get the Surface Pro 3 driver and/or software to give me the correct option to display this resolution on my Surface. 


      I have tried the most updated Intel graphics driver and Intel Graphics control panel from the Intel site.  I tried to create a custom resolution but it wouldn't actually switch to it.  I tried to "update to the latest driver" from the control panel.  I can now see a 3840x2160 resolution listed in the "List all Modes" dialog from the graphics driver which has 4 3840x2160 modes - at 11 hz, 12 hz, 14 hz and 15 hz but nothing at 24hz.  I also notice that all of the "valid modes" listed say 32 bit in parentheses but obviously I have a 64-bit i7 chip - don't know if somehow the wrong driver is installed (I know I've downloaded and installed the 64-bit version).


      Help!  Any input which gets me closer to this working is appreciated.  Thank you!