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    USB host problem


      Hi all,

      I used the Arduino breakout board to interface the Intel Edison with a August LP-170 laser pointer. The pointer needs a USB dongle.


      So, I place the slider switch to the USB host position and powered the board with an external 12V power supply. The system works well for a while (about 4 hours) then a component on the board broken. I could not be able to identify which component, but the board became very hot and the Edison enter in an endless reboot cycle. Probably there was a short circuit on the board, because it draws a lot of current (more than 1A).


      Then, I tried a second breakout board with a different USB dongle of the same type and when I switch on the system, suddenly the component U36 burned. It is the voltage regulator that power the J6 USB connector.


      Now, both the boards work well when powered by the micro USB connector, but I can’t use the board as USB host.


      What may have happened? I don’t think that the USB dongle has drawn too much current because I used it with a common PC and it works well. Moreover, my colleague used the same laser pointer with a similar setup without any problems.



      Thank you!

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          Hello pierantonio.merlino,


          In fact, the U36 IC is the current limit power switch. It provides power to the USB device attached to the USB Host port. It is designed to provide an output current of 500mA. You shouldn't connect USB devices that require more than 500mA.


          On the other hand, this current limit can be less than the full specified depending on the temperature. You pointed that your system worked for 4 hours, did you notice any increase in the temperature during that period? That might be a possible cause of the issue.


          What is the USB dongle you are using? We can check its current requirements to learn if that could be another possible cause of the issue. Anyhow, if you consider that all your system and hardware settings were fine, you might want to submit a ticket filling in this form: Intel Support. You will receive a deeper support about this issue.




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            Hi Diego,

            thank you for the answer.


            The first system worked for 4 hours, but I didn't notice that the temperature increased.

            The USB dongle I used is included in to the laser pointer. This is the model: http://www.augustint.com/download/manuals/LP170_EN.pdf

            Moreover, this laser pointer was tested yet with Intel Edison, so I don't understand why it should draw more than 500mA.


            I think that I'll open a ticket with the Support.


            Thank you.