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    How do you delete the recovery partition?


      If you create a recovery drive, there isn't an option to delete the recovery partition. If you use diskpart to delete it, it won't let you, even if you use override. I made a DD copy of the entire drive using Ubuntu, and then deleted the recovery partition manually with Linux. It let me delete it, but then wouldn't boot to Windows afterwards. I tried using the recovery disk to rebuild it, and it wouldn't work. Although,I just read that it may not work if there is a micro SD card in there. I can't say if I had an SD card in there or not, but I was able to restore the DD from Ubuntu, so it doesn't matter much. Is it possible to delete the recovery partition? Can the Intel Compute Stick be recovered by a recovery drive, if the recovery partition is deleted?

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          Hello BoonXeven,


          The compute stick does not offer the option to create recovery disks like laptops for example so if you delete the recovery partition it may not be possible to reestablish the system unless you create a system image. By doing this there is a chance it may work but I cannot promise it.

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            So is the compute stick booting from the recovery even for normal boots? I have an image backed up, so I don't care about the recovery disk working or not, but it wouldn't even boot after deleting the recovery partition. I'm considering installing the Windows 10 preview. Would that allow me to do a clean install without the recovery partition? There isn't much space, so it would be nice to have more of the limited amount of space available.

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              You can install any other Operating System and delete the Recovery partition. This partition is similar to the ones that come with Laptops so that you can reset to factory settings the device if necessary but if you delete the recovery partition there is no way to get it back.


              Here you have more information:


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                Yes, it's similar, but it's not entirely the same. This recovery partition is necessary for the system to boot for some reason, at least the way it's configured out of the box. I don't understand why they built it the way they did. I should be able to create a recovery disk/drive, and then delete the recovery partition to reclaim the space. The way it is now, I have to install from scratch. Since no install media is provided, I have to get it on my own. Then, I have to hope that I can get the license to work, since others have had issues with that when reinstalling. This is not a good way to do things, especially when compared to something like Chrome OS which allows you to download the most up to date image of the OS at anytime. This isn't all Microsoft's fault either, some of this is Intel as well. It's a negative mark on a mostly positive device.

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                  In Windows 8, the recovery partition has two purposes, it can be used for recovery/rescue/installation as it contains the Windows kernel plus base OS for run time recovery tools plus compressed images for restoring the C: drive.


                  It's also used when Windows boots into normal mode - the kernel + base OS etc are all needed! This is how it is possible for the C: drive to be so small and still have free space!


                  So if you destroy the recovery partition you are shooting Windows in the head!


                  I learned this the hard way!

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                    I have Windows 8 on other computers without a recovery partition. It's not needed for Windows 8, that's just how they've set it up for the ICS. I prefer to have images backed up to external devices, and then free up the space from the recovery partition.

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                      recovery partition seems standard on many windows 8 tablets, it is on mine.


                      yes, if you were installing W8 from an ISO then you'd probably not create one of these recovery partitions.

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                        Yes, they are pretty standard, but they are not typically necessary for the operation of Windows 8. The program that comes with Windows to create recovery drives usually has the option to delete the recovery partition afterwards. It can certainly be done manually, because I do it all the time.