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    Input signal out of range when extending desktop using VGA port- How to change settings?


      Brand new Toshiba Satellite L70-B

      Intel Core i5-421ou CPU @ 2.60Ghz

      16GB Ram

      64 Bit Windows 8.1

      Display Adapter is listed as "Intel HD Graphics Family"

      Hardware ID for display adapter is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0A16&SUBSYS_F9311179&REV_0B


      This laptop came out of the box yesterday and I plugged an external monitor into the VGA port to extend my desktop.

      The monitor has a message saying "Input Signal Out of Range Change setting to 1600x900 - 60HZ"

      The screen resolution on the extended desktop is already set to 1600x900 - 60Hz

      I am noticing that in the graphics options, the extended desktop goes from Built-in Display + Digital Display.  I would expect the VGA port to be an analog display.

      Under screen resolution, the 2nd detected monitor is listed as "Realtek".  There are no other options and I cannot find a way to change the output on the 2nd display to an analog generic pnp monitor

      Some screenshots are attached.   I have already exhausted the Toshiba user forums, and they could not find a solution.

      I have done all of the windows updates and updated the drivers on the laptop.

      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.   Thank you in advance!



      graphics options.jpg

      screen resolution.jpg

      hardware id.jpg