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    I am trying to transfer sensor streaming data via wifi from edison to edison.


      Hi. I've gotten sensor data streams from saprkfun 9dof block via Serial communication as seen in attached pictuire. And I successfully make connection two edison modules via P2P referring Intel® Edison Boards — Wi-Fi User Guide. Now I know how to transfer some files from one edison to other edison via wifi using sftp from this link :How can I transfer data on Edison via WiFi direct?. I am really thanksful to Peter for that information.

      By the way, I want to transfer data stream(which can be seen in the picture) from one edison to other edison in real-time via wifi. Is there any protocol like sftp(as I know sftp is only for sending some files, not data stream) to transfer sensor data stream? I've searched many things but until now I can't get useful information. Can I get some information or procedure to to that?


      Thanks in advance.