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    Intel Edison Router


      Hi, I am using an intel edison on an arduino breakout board along with an ethernet shield. I have the edison connected to the router via wifi and then am wanting to route traffic from the edison to a device that is connected to the ethernet shield. My main initial goal is just to get the edison to be in the middle of the device's connection to the internet.  In essence I am trying to use the edison to create a router or packet forwarder that I can eventually add packet sniffing capabilities to. The problem I am having is I run into trouble when it comes to getting all of the hardware to communicate with each other, do any of you have insight that could help?

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          Steven Moy

          I haven't tried it but it seems like you want edison to bridge traffic between wlan0 (the wireless interface) and the other interface that provides the ethernet.


          the following thread goes through how to share the ethernet connection to the clients connect to edison via wifi. you want the other direction. so hopefully you just need to play with the target and source variable in the instructions. good luck.


          USB Ethernet Bridging with WiFi AP