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    DP45SG Windows 7 Install on new hard drive


      I am attempting to cold load Windows 7 Professional onto a new Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 using an existing DP45SG motherboard. The installation process says it cannot write to the new drive.  The Seagate Instructions say the the SATA drivers should be on the Intel disk that came with the motherboard.  I can't find any drivers on the disk or the Seagate Installation disk.  My BIOS is correct and the drive is set up for IDE .

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          Hi there,


          That's  weird what your are getting. Are you sure the drive is a new drive?

          If you are not using raid or ahci, you do not need any drivers to install operating system.

          Moreover, if there is any driver that is needs, those are not required in Windows vista or even with windows 7.


          If you try to install another operating system apart from windows 7, is the drive being recognised and are us able to install the other OS on it successfully.

          If you cannot see the drive while installing windows 7 then there may be someting going wrong.


          Check if the drive is being recognised in bios.

          Check that drive is new and does not contain any raid configuration or other file system.

          Try on different SATA ports.

          If possible, test the system with different hard disk and also if possible, test the hard drive on a different system.


          Last resource, try to clear the CMOS, by removing the motherboard battery and put it back after about 15 minutes and re-start the procedures.


          Hope this will be helpful to you.



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            Well, things have improved.  By bringing the drive up as the "D" drive, I got the system, under the old XP to recognize it and format it.


            However, I try to load Windows 7 - 64 bit and I get a disk error message  "The selected disk has an MBR partition table.  On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed on GPT disks."  However, the 32-bit version of W7 seems to be installing just fine.  Perhaps this is a little out of the realm of in Intel question, but what is happening?

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              It is starting the EFI version of the installer, you could either repartition in GPT and go with EFI, or you could disable UEFI support in bios. (i have the same mobo, happy to know that this works since i want to use efi and gpt to get a boot drive larger than 2TB)


              Go to the rightmost tab thing in the bios screen (advanced i believe) and turn uefi support off. the efi installer for windows is only on the 64 bit disc, that is why the 32 worked, because the mobo tried to boot into efi mode which won't work with your partition scheme.