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    N3150/N3700 HD Audio Passthrough




      I want to know if Intel N3150 and N3700 works with HD Audio Passthrough?

      In Baytrail (J1900 and J2900) there was an issue with HD Audio Passthrough on Windows.


      Can you confirm if Braswell correct this issue?


      Thanks in advance.

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          It is a good question. I escalated your request with our engineering department.


          Mike C.

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            When will you get an answer?


            I need to buy the hardware but i don't want to buy if this problem persists.

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              Can you give me your definition of "HD Audio 'Passthrough'" and what issue you believe exist with Baytrail?   There is a lot of confusion in the market around the DP ports and dongles used to convert to other display types and how audio should work in those situations. The dongles are fairly inconsistent on how they report their capability and that seems to get blamed on the driver and chipset rather than on the dongle manufacturers...

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                By HD Audio Passthrough, I mean the ability to passthrough high definition sound formats (DTS-HD, DTS-HD MA, Dolby TrueHD) to a AV receiver that supports does audio formats using HDMI.

                BayTrail didn't support this and some reports say that neither does Braswell.


                Intel, any confirmation about this issue?

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                  Sorry for my inexperience on audio capabilities- I am an embedded graphics person (you know- 3d engine, display ports, DX, OpenGL that sort of stuff) but because the audio gets piped out the display ports sometimes, I tend to get pulled into the discussions.


                  I do not see Dolby support on the Intel(r) Atom(TM) processor family roadmap until the next product after Braswell.  Keep in mind the Atom line is designed for lower cost and lower power applications and it may not be possible to include higher end features within the die/cost/power targets.  The good news is that we do have Dolby support on the Intel(r) Core(TM) processor family now so you do have a solution available to you.


                  Hope that helps.

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                    The HD graphics is complaint with HDMI 1.4 features. The sound formats DTS-HD, DTS-HD MA, Dolby and TrueHD belongs to HDMI specification.


                    Intel® HD graphics supports 3D. More information on page 75 of the technical product information.


                    N-series Intel® Pentium® Processors and Intel® Celeron® Processors



                    Mike C

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                      Does this answer my question?

                      Have you tested HD Audio in any version of Windows?


                      One thing is whats says in the paper, the other is reality of the product.

                      Currently, the reviews about N3150 and N3700 say that it doesn't work with HD Audio on Windows.

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                        Our engineers developed these processors with HD video and audio. Take in mind these processors are embedded, mobile manufacturers define the quality of the Audio and Video on their devices.


                        The official documentation from our Embedded Design center is the following:



                        Mike C

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                          Hi Wanthd,


                          In regards to your last question, Braswell processors support HD passthrough but does not support HBR’s(High Bitrates). Hence it will not support HD Audio format with HBR.


                          Mike C

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                            Hi Mike C,


                            The Intel Display Audio driver in the current version VGA(v15. give me not the option to bitstream support HD Audio formats in Windows 7 x64. I think it is the same issue like on the J1900 mainboards J1900 Processor and HD Bitstream and a driver update is needed.On the J1900 plattform the problem was solved, so i hope in the future this will also ne solved on N3150.




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                              Hopefully processor engineers will add the feature to the drivers.


                              Mike C

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                                Hi there Mike C,


                                All Intel SoCs (onboard GPU) have had hardware support for HD audio passthrough / HBR, ever since Sandy Bridge. Don't let anyone tell you any different. A driver patch was originally required to enable this, and that patch was written by Intel (Wang Xingchau) in 2012 (for linux). This was phased into core since 3.10.xx in July 2013. HD audio (including HBR) passthrough has worked under linux on all sequential NuCs, since then. This I have personally tested and confirmed working, with both the N2820 18 months ago, and the N3150 two days ago.


                                This "issue retainment" within Windows was exposed when user @ArneG here at Intel Community discovered that the Windows GFX drivers ( for the N34010 worked with the N2820 (and some others), and installing these drivers instantly enabled HD audio passthrough (including HBR streams). I personally tested and confirmed this on the N2820.


                                Re: Intel® NUC DN2820FYKH - XBMC Gotham 13.2 running on Windows 8.1 - issues with Passthough enabled please see my tests.


                                Furthermore, this issue was actually patched in  Windows GFX driver ( update (both x86 and x64 driver needed updating) for the J1900.


                                Re: J1900 Processor and HD Bitstream


                                Also, as I am sure you know as a participant of that ongoing community thread - cvare is currently working with physical demonstration confirming this hardware support.

                                Re: How to get NUC5CPYH passthrough DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD Audio?



                                - So please. Everything is already there, over at your (Intels) end of the court. It has already been done before, both for Linux and Windows drivers - by Intel. So we beg of you, please put in a request for the driver techs to include the previous patch in future driver updates.


                                Note for you, and all users: Even with fully functional drivers - the hardware must be set up to allow this. HD audio passthrough over HDMI from a Windows platform, requires all parts of the PAP (Protected Audio Path) to be configured correctly and working. AND, your playback software of choice have to support audio passthrough of the selected audio stream type:


                                The requirements of an UEFI booted Windows install (not legacy BIOS), OS set to Windows 8.x in UEFI ("BIOS") (if Windows 8.x, etc), Secure Boot enabled, and Intel Trusted Executions Engine (formerly Intel Management Engine, may still apply to some older units) installed and working - still stand. This however, only relates to HD Audio passthrough (incl. HBR) on Windows 8.x and Windows 10 platform. On linux, this is in kernel from 3.10.xx and onwards (proper UEFI / BIOS setup still applies).

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                                  Hi All,


                                  This is just a quick comment on this topic.

                                  •Bay Trail does not support HD audio formats at all.
                                  •Braswell (N3150 and N3700) supports HD passthrough but does not support HBR’s (High Bitrates). Hence it will not support HD format with HBR.
                                  ◦DTS-HD, DTS-HD MA, Dolby TrueHD are HBRs, and are not supported on Braswell.

                                  ◦If you try to play these format audio/video file on Braswell then the app should output AC3 or DTS instead.


                                  I hope this helps,


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                                    Its ironic that you insinuate that this is a hardware limitation - as Bay Trail supports HBR HD audio formats in Windows with the "right" (wrong) Intel drivers, and ALL intel NUCs with HDMI "HD Audio", support HBR HD audio on Linux. This has been thoroughly documented, and tested and confirmed by Intel. Its an intentional driver limitation, everyone knows this by now. I'm actually bitstreaming Dolby TrueHD from my Intel Bay Trail NUC under Win 8.1 pro to my AVR, as we speak.


                                    Lets just be clear - we're still talking bitstream passthrough here.





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