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    Intel Ethernet Connection l217-LM problem, help?


      i have a dell inspirion 5348, my ethernet connection is Intel Ethernet Connection l217-LM, it does not recognize my ethernet cable now, it was functioning fine a week ago, the drivers seems to be ok, i already installed the most recent drivers, and the hardware test say that everything is ok, but it just don't recognize the ethernet cable, i've already cheked with 3 different cables, all of them works fine in others pc's, when i hit "identify the adapter" it blinks orenge, but in the image, it's suppose to blink green, what should i do? I really don't know, and the wi-fi connection is too bad for me, sorry if I have too much mistakes in my request, but i don't write a lot english, because i'm from México, and i could not find any solution in spanish forums or any support from intell, so i will be very thankful if anyone can help me ASAP. thank you.