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    Bluetooth? I give up!


      Hi! three months ago I started a small project that involves the use of sensors (Barometer, GPS, etc.), data processing and transmitting them via Bluetooth to existing applications for Android, Windows and iOS.

      Of all the problems I faced, assemble hardware and program in all the aspects, I would never have expected to stop on Bluetooth.


      Let me explain, the bluetooth works well, with bluez i can connect with the applications that interest me, but I do not understand how to send my data.

      For bluez, I can not find sufficient documentation for full use.

      I tried to use SPP-loopback.py and it works, but I do not understand how to send my data.

      I'm writing in C ++ and do not know JavaScripts or Python.

      Does anyone tell me a way to continue? I spent over a week in research, but I only managed to find examples of a few years ago in which I can only make a scanning device.

      I would need to use the SPP profile (Bluetooth 2.0) or service GATT (BLE) to send a simple string of data as "XYZ, 123,456,789" for 50 times per second.

      So, it is possile do this from a program in C ++?

      The only option I see is to switch to another platform, like Android with which I have already achieved my aim with my tablet and phone.