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    IRST RAID0 with 4TB drives


      Newbie here.


      Am using Asus X99 Deluxe motherboard with all drivers uptodate.

      Windows 7 x64 SP1


      Whilst knowing about the 2TB MBR limit within Windows I have been trying to setup a RAID0 of 2x4TB.

      Drives have been Initiliased as GPT and NTFS formatted.


      After they have been created correctly, the RAID shows up with 7,4TB Nett space, rightfully so.


      When going into Windows drive management tool (diskmgmt.msc) it prompts me to initialize a disc ...

      A disk that doesn't exist.

      After selecting GPT and 'OK'  Windows shows a unallocated volume of 1678GB   on top  of existing discs.

      This unallocated space can not be deleted, or formatted.

      It is there to stay.

      In this forum the 'unallocated space' issue has been brought up more than once. The solution was then found

      to set the drives to GPT. In my case the drives are GPT. Windows is installed on an SSD.


      Within Paragon Hard Disc Manager it does not show up.


      This .. let's say.. phantom drive can only be set 'Offline'.


      Have spent quite a while to get this fixed, but all in vain.


      Am not sure, I tend to think this is a Windows issue.


      Any suggestions?





      Intel Rapid Storage Technologie (IRST v 135133.png

      2x4TB RAID Unallocated space 1678GB-01-08062015 135233.png

      2x4TB RAID Unallocated space 1678GB-02-08062015 140517.png

      2x4TB RAID Unallocated space 1678GB-03-08062015 145113.png

      2x4TB RAID Unallocated space 1678GB-04-08062015 145322.png

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          I agree with you, I believe there is an issue with the operating system. Microsoft® Windows OS always keeps a section of the Hard Disk Drives for system files but it is always in the C: drive.

          Does anyone in the community could light us on this issue?

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            Have posted this one on Resources and Tools for IT Professionals | TechNet  as well.

            Have asked Asus whether their technical support could check on this and see whether they could reproduce it and then contact Microsoft developers. Endusers have no entries and can contact 1st level of customer support. Obviously this is a few steps further. Asus might have direct contacts with Microsoft, or Intel, so the could update their BIOS accordingly.

            They still suggested to contact Microsoft. This I won't do, for given reasons: I will not get in contact with the developers, which I can understand, but there is even no way to communicate by mail.

            Probably this matter will not be solved ('old' Windows 7)...


            Also it is a bit difficult to reproduce, because: who has 2x 4TB drives, still empty, in order to simply give it a try..?

            And lastly, the group of users who has such drives and wants to put in RAID0 is very tiny, why spending resources on this..?

            Is it IRST, is it Windows, is it the BIOS?

            No-one knows.