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    A USB-SATA cable that will work with the official data migration software?


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to connect my new 730 SSD to my laptop via a USB-to-SATA III cable to image my current hard drive before I swap them out, but the official imaging software refuses to install as I need to have "at least one Intel SSD installed in [my] system." The Intel support page simply says to "replace the cable" but I have no reason to believe that the issue is a faulty cable, since I've recently used it to connect hard drives to my system for formatting. Also, I'd rather not send back a functional cable only to get another unusable one and find that the brand that I'm using is the issue.


      So, does anyone know of a cable that will work properly here? My current cable is a StarTech USB 3.0 to 2.5 in. SATA III cable.