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    Please Help! 4790k


      Hi. This is my first post. Please bear with me. I don't know if I'm posting this in he right place also..


      Basically I'm a reseller from South Africa.I bought a CPU that comes from a local supplier. Long story short, I was cleaning the CPU because I was going to use it in a z97 motherboard. Upon close inspection, I noticed that the CPU has a bend and the entire PCB wasn't level. Not sure if it is called a PCB, but it is the underside of the CPU where the gold contacts are.The green "board". It has a bend on the one side. I was shocked. I'm a PC technician for approximately 10 years and never saw something like this. I was concerned cause I remember reading an article a few years back. I think it was in the time when the Core 2 series were launched. Where it was stated that if the CPU doesn't make proper contact, the area which doesn't touch the motherboard pins, will start to burn. Turned out it was the motherboard socket clamp that was the problem.


      So I took it back to the supplier. I waited and got a call from the technician. He said that the company cannot replace the CPU cause its damaged. I was upset.... The CPU isn't damaged at all. So I told him that I wasn't responsible for the deformed CPU and its not damaged. His argument is that maybe I was forcing the CPU in the socket or a large gaming CPU Heatsink could've cause the bend.


      But there is no indentations or signs or physical force on the underside of the CPU. So they told me that they are going to take photos and send it via email to show INTEL CORP the CPU. And if they say they cannot replace the unit then there is nothing I can do.


      I'm very sad and disappointed. Its a very high end and expensive CPU. I didn't force anything. I did some research and found that here isn't ONE article, ONE complaint on a forum or ONE YouTube video that supports his claim. The only thing that bends is pins on the motherboard socket. Or the AMD CPU's that has pins on the underside....


      So I would like to know what is my position legally? Do they have any right to refuse to swap out the CPU? cause its not physically damaged.... Any help or advice please.


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          "I'm very sad and disappointed. Its a very high end and expensive CPU. I didn't force anything."

          hmm if quad core i7 4790K is very a very high end and expensive, then what about hexa core i7 5930K or octo core i7 5960X? ultra high end and super expensive?

          oh and what about 18 core Xeon E5 2699 V3? lol nvm


          Anyway why were cleaning the CPU at first place??? i.e. you don't need to clean CPU before installing it.

          And how did you bend the CPU by cleaning it unless you were using a rock to clean the CPU.. or are you saying CPU got bent by the motherboard socket clamp?


          Either way if the processor became bent after you cleaned(?) it or installed on the motherboard then obviously you caused the physical damage. i.e. it's your fault and not covered under warranty.

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            hi. thanks for your reply.

            Are you working for Intel?

            Anyway, wouldn't you agree that a core i7 4790k is the highest CPU in the 1150 platform? Do you need people to be platform specific? Also, there are new processors so high end is temporary....


            I was cleaning the CPU cause I was gonna place it in another board as stated above. You need to remove old paste and apply new paste when removing the heatsink..


            I did not bend the CPU while cleaning it. Highly impossible to do with your hands and I doubt the clamp can bend it. It would break.


            I noticed the bend for the first time when I started to clean it as stated above. And no, its not my fault.


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              "I was cleaning the CPU cause I was gonna place it in another board as stated above. You need to remove old paste and apply new paste when removing the heatsink.."

              No, you never mentioned it was in another system so it sounded like you just took it out of the box and cleaned it first, and you wouldn't need to clean the thermal paste if it was only installed for short period on first system.

              But anyway, so did the CPU work on first motherboard? and does it work on second motherboard?


              FYI socket clamp isn't strong enough to break the CPU, sounds like you didn't install the heatsink properly on first motherboard and CPU got bent by the heat.

              If the CPU was bent out of the box, you should been able to notice it the first time you installed it on to the socket.

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                Hi. Sorry if you didn't understand me. I mentioned "long story short" and assumed that when I mentioned "cleaning" it would normally mean to remove the old paste.

                Anyway, the CPU runs perfectly. I didn't inspect the CPU the first time cause normally I just drop it in and make sure its aligned....


                I doubt that by installing a heatsink improperly would result in a CPU heating up and bending. I have never heard, read on a thread or see a video on YouTube that shows a bent CPU.


                Like I said i didnt apply any force or pressure on the chip..... So I assume it was manufactured that way. Also, the entire "board" that's under the metal cap, the entire thing doesn't look level.


                Anyway thanks man

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                  So why would you want the replacement CPU if it works fine? it sounded like CPU didn't work at all cos you said "I'm very sad and disappointed." etc.


                  And I never heard of any damaged/bent CPU out of the box, do you have some pic?

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                    Just want to say firstly, I'm no expert in engineering or anything....


                    The reason I want a replacement is because of my fear of incorrect pin to pad contact that could lead to burns. As stated in my post. Here is a link to the article that got me a bit worried. P55 Extreme Overclockers: Check your sockets!


                    I might be fretting over nothing, but I cant accept a bent cpu. Even though it still works.


                    I will try to send some photos in the near future.