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    Intel HD Graphics Control Panel - Custom Resolution




      So I have this Samsung TV that's kinda old. It overscans as it's normal when connected through HDMI. The thing is, due to something related with HDMI being digital signal and it only being able to adjust overscan for analog inputs, I can't adjust the overscan on the TV. As I'm not in the conditions to get a newer TV I need to find a solution. The PC I have connected to it is a small laptop with Intel HD Graphics, and I remember that in the old Intel HD Graphics Control Panel (Or whatever was called back in the day) there was an option to setup a Custom Resolution where you could adjust the underscan. I can't find that option anymore:


      I tried going to C:/Windows/System32/CustomModeApp.exe but nothing happened, the .exe did not execute, no error prompt or anything. Also tried another file CustomModeAppv2.exe, that happened to be in the same folder, the results were no different.


      I tried going to Intel HD Graphics Control Panel -> Display -> Display dropdown, but only two options appeared. No Custom Resolutions option as I saw in this post. (Re: Intel HD 4400, can't find CustomModeApp.exe in System32)


      I installed the latest drivers and still no update on the Intel's Control Panel.

      I have no idea how to force Control Panel to update. Can't find that option anywhere or a download link.


      If anyone know of a fix or a workaround it would be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance for the help,


      P.S.- Posting this on Support Community -> Graphics. If any mod feels like that's not the best place for this discussion feel free to move this post at will.