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    NUC5i5RYH constantly freezing up on us? Any advice?

    Rod Gray

      We have a new NUC with 8gb of ram and a new Samsung 850 Pro. It has Windows 8.1 on it. The device is constantly freezing up, youtube videos stop working, it just seems to be a real poor quality device. The 2005 computer I replaced it with worked better then this thing.


      So, is there reports of these devices being RMA'd for similar issues? How would I go about trying to isolate the issues? Do I need a new BIOS, or do I need to go back to Windows 7 or go forward to Windows 10? How can I get this NUC to stop going NUClear on me? Thanks


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          I would suspect the CPU overheating issue if you had i7 NUC..


          Do you have the latest BIOS(0249) and drivers installed?

          Does it run hot and/or loud?

          Maybe try running benchmark test, cos if it always hangs on memory test or SSD test etc then you'll know what's causing the problem.

          Post your NUC Benchmark Results & Spec

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            Rod Gray

            Yeah it is the 5i5RYH model with 8gb new memory. It is very quiet, and I assume it is cool. It is definitely cool to the touch as well. It just wont stop freezing up during normal every day use with the Chrome browser. We have to hold down the button 4 seconds at least once a day to force a restart. I have now tried everything, turned on or off about every settings in the BIOS. Changed settings, added this took away that and the symptom never changes. Went back to our Windows 7 and at first I thought that solved it but it has not, it still freezes up every day. I now have it on High Performance mode, but that did not change a thing.


            When Windows 10 launches, I am going to upgrade his system and then do a clean install with all the new drivers and if that does not solve it I will RMA this thing. I need to figure out what works best on this device, Legacy or UEFI? Is there a Windows install guide for these newest NUCs? Maybe I am doing it wrong, or maybe I have bad hardware?

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              I would test each memory stick separately on DIMM 1 and/or run the Windows* Memory Diagnostic.

              You may want to check the memory requirements as well: Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — System Memory

              Do you have a different drive to test the system with, or test this drive in a different system?

              Are there any reports in the Windows* event log?