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    CPU Microcode Revisions


      Hello. First post, so hope I'm in the correct section...


      I'm looking to upgrade my Merom CPU to a Penryn CPU T9300 and from all the research and a lot of reading around, I believe the socket is compatible.


      I have checked the microcode list in the latest bios and it does contain the microcode ID for the T9300 = 0676.

      The microcode ID shows 08067607, CPUID 0676 and Update Revision is 07.


      The one thing I am unsure is whether the microcode revision will affect the CPU upgrade or not.

      Is it safe to say the T9300 will work because microcode 0676 is contained in the bios, or is it also dependent on a certain revision?


      Looking on ark.intel.com at the properties of T9300, the launch date was Q1'08. The latest and final bios is dated 29 Feb 2008 which looks to encompass CPUs of that time period, but the 0676 microcode entry in the bios is dated 28 Sep 2007, earlier than the launch date.


      Many thanks in advance.

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          The correct microcode is indeed a requisite for CPU compatibility.

          We recommend asking the question to the system manufacturer in regards of mobile systems.

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            Thanks for your reply Joe, yes I do appreciate the microcode being a requisite, but I wondered how much of that includes the revision code too.

            During the research and reading into a lot of discussions, there seemed to be various revisions of 0676, not just the 07 that I have and was looking to find out whether one revision of 0676 should differ greatly from another revision of the same CPU ID or should 0676 still cover all processors with that ID?

            I may just take a gamble and get the T9300 and hope for the best!